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Queen Victoria at a garden party in 1898 (3 years before her death).

The fact that there is video of her, a woman born while George III was on the throne, no matter how shaky and grainy it is, just absolutely boggles my mind. It’s things like this that make me love history as much as I do.



Some of my favorite queens - Part 1/?

  • Boudicca - Celtic Queen of the Iceni Tribe, Britannia - died AD 60 or 61
  • Theodora - Empress of the Byzantine Empire - circa AD 500 - 548
  • Margaret I - Queen of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden - 1353 -1412
  • Christina - Queen of Swedes, Goths, and Vandals - 1626 - 1689
  • Anne - Queen of Great Britain - 1665 - 1714
  • Wilhelmina - Queen of the Netherlands - 1880 - 1965

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Are you fucking kidding me? Did we all just wake up in 1938?

Remember how everyone thought it was so ridiculous and uneducated of Tumblr users to think that those people were Nazis and now it looks like they might very well be nazis, amazing

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New Zealand - Australia

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Cutie pie!

I can’t even

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We own the finish line!
A defiant Vice President JOE BIDEN, at the end of remarks delivered during a memorial ceremony for the one-year anniversary of the Boston marathon bombings. (via mimiari)

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This kid has the best expressions.

Of all the magic of the world, none is more powerful than love.



Boston Strong Women

The feels. I love the Dear World project, and the fact that they did this with some of the Boston Marathon Survivors made me love the project even more.

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